#howtobeglobal — Why we’re all global, and why most suck at it!

Hello World! Hello Stereotypes! Hello Diversity!

Oh and hello human being who is reading these lines ( → soon on howtobeglobal.com by the way 🙌) You rock, I so appreciate your time!

“Wait what?! You tell me I suck? Well, now I’m really curious how you’re going to explain that, Sarah! Anyway, #howtobeglobal sounds fancy but what are you actually talking about?”

Just to bring everyone up to speed: Dear human being, in case you did not realize it yet, we’re all living on one planet, called “Earth”, and the globalization is happening — if you want or not! Correct! You don’t believe me? Just look around, tada! I’m 99.9% sure that your device, where you’re reading the blog post on, is not entirely made in your home country.

Since we clarified that now, let me throw some fancy 💃 explanations in here: We’re living in fast-paced, culturally mixed, dynamically changing, ever-morphing world. Values, boundaries and ‘common sense’ (oh, I’ll write a separate blog post here. Remember soon on → howtobeglobal.com 🙌) are upside down in other countries and regions of the world. Our opportunities for cross-border interactions are increasing at an incredible rate, due to more media exposure, international travel and virtual interaction — which is an amazing thing!

But hey, being able to travel everywhere we want, work and live with different cultures and maybe even love someone from another continent; that all sounds amazing.

Let’s face it: there are big challenges we need to address and fix in this “global bubble” and that’s where most people suck!

Misunderstandings due to language barriers, different values, traditions, not being open to new ways of thinking and behaving — just to name a few! How shall we conquer major world challenges in the future if we even struggle with these basics?

Here’s one my favorite example which will open your eyes and I’m sure you’ll think twice next time you encounter a situation like this:

Have you thought about that everything in our life is shaped by cultures? No? Yes, thought so but (attention stereotyping at it’s best now 😆) if you’re Mexican you most likely love YOUR tacos — if you’re German you most likely love YOUR “proper” way of building houses and if you’re Maltese you’re most likely running 45 min late to basically every meeting, because it’s normal for you!

A lot of things are “normal” for us because that’s how we grew up, our parents and society taught us. But have you thought about, that your RIGHT WAY might be very WRONG for someone else, even if you’re talking about the exact same thing or action?

There is no RIGHT or WRONG way in the world. They are just DIFFERENT… here’s where the struggle starts!

Humans love THEIR values, THEIR culture, and THEIR behavior since they’re in their comfort zone. Humans also don’t like to admit that their RIGHT way may not be right for others and it takes time, effort and willpower to dive into new cultures, where everything might be upside down.
I strongly believe that this is the only way we and our future generations will be able to solve global challenges and live a happy life.

My mission is to connect the world by lowering boundaries, fears about other cultures and embrace diversity — essentially make this world a better place and to start this, we need to start with the basics.


Be a changemaker and experience the magic of diversity together — here on my blog and my (soon to come) Podcast #howtobeglobal, where we’ll share real-life experiences in the “global bubble”, and tangible tips and tricks on how to be global, in each episode.

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