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Hey, human:Let’s take action instead of accepting poverty, hate and bad conditions!

  • What we do

    We want to give kids a future! We’re working towards The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal #4! “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”

  • In Ghana

    Ghana has more than 12 million young people. Half of them will not have the skills necessary to participate in the emerging global workforce!

  • Impacting Youth

    Thanks to your support for the #howtoBeglobal Scholarships, more than 60 orphans and kids from single-parents get an education.

Together we are our future!

The Street Academy AccraMeet the kids.



"We use Education, Culture, and Sports to expose the hidden talents of the less ortunate children living on the street of Accra, Ghana."

Ataa Larte - Director of the Street Academy, our partner school

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A little historyHow it started



When I was in Ghana in 2018 I visited Jamestown, probably the poorest neighbourhood in Accra.

Seeing these thousands of human beings who are just like you and me with literally nothing, broke my heart into pieces. I feel everyone just accepts that Africa is a poor and/or underprivileged continent but only a very few people make the effort to actually jump in and make a difference.

I didn't want to be the tourist who feels sorry the day I see these things -- I wanted to make a change! That’s why I started a fundraising project. I wanted to make sure that these amazing girls and boys have the chance to go school, get food and education which empowers them to shape a better future for themselves and the whole community.

One year later I came back to Ghana, partnerd with EduCom.World and we launched the #howtoBeglobal Scholarships.

Hey, you?! Wanna join to be part of the scholarships?

Awesome! We're looking for long-term partners (with big and small pockets 😉), super humans and changemakers. We want the #howtoBeglobal Scholarships to grow in order to impact more kids across the world.